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Testimonials : Testimonials

Laura & Bryce
Jan 2024

Moira helped our sons enormously with their speech.

They looked forward to her sessions as she made the

activities so fun.


We saw great results and what’s more she was able to provide us as parents with a set of tactics that we and nursery could use to consistently and effectively.


I first met Moira around a year and half ago at which stage my son was severely speech and language delayed. Moira was absolutely amazing. I have learnt so much from Moira and followed her advice long after our sessions ended. She’s incredibly kind and patient but most importantly wonderful with children. Moira is extremely knowledgeable and has fantastic resources.
My son enjoyed every session!!
I can’t recommend Moira enough.
My son has now caught up and that’s largely down to Moira

New Hall Nursery Manager

''Moira has been coming to our nursery for just over a year to help when we have felt the need to bring in an outside agency for professional guidance.


Moira is always professional, courteous and never ceases to amaze me with the activities that she produces each week for the children she sees.

Moira engages extremely well with children of all ages and builds up trusting relationships with ease which helps the children to feel safe and secure and therefore enjoy their sessions.


The children that we have referred to Moira have all blossomed under her care.

I would thoroughly recommend Moira if you are looking for a Speech and Language therapist to bring fun, spontaneity and ultimately success!''



Moira has been fantastic with my 4 year old son who loves going to his speech and language sessions.


Moira makes the session’s fun and creative bringing out the best in my son. Moira’s love and enthusiasm for her job really shines through.

The progress my son has made in a short space of time is amazing, I cannot recommend her highly enough.  

Fred and Nicola
Jan 2024

Moira’s guidance and support has been invaluable.


We have learned so much from our appointments, and changed our approach to helping and encouraging Freddie, not just his speech, but his communication in general, and he really is thriving!


Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and insights, it has helped him, and us, so much, and so quickly!

July 2022

My daughter had her last day at pre-school yesterday and her speech has come on leaps and bounds.


I used to be so worried about her starting school and her speech being so far behind but she’s definitely school ready now!

She really benefited from coming to see you and the games you introduced were so easy to do at home and pre-school to continue her development.


I really don’t think she would have made such amazing progress if we hadn’t had your support, so I wanted to say a big thank you!



'‘Moira has been absolutely fabulous.


She has really helped my 4-year-old

with her speech problems.


She does creative and fun games,

so my daughter doesn’t even know

she’s learning’'



''Moira has supported children at Lyons Hall through Speech and language therapy for over 5 years and she has been a tremendous support to all the children, parents and staff.


Moira has  provided us with invaluable skills, support and encouragement to help us help children with complex speech and language needs to unlock their true potential.

Moira delivers engaging personalised sessions to the children she works with, focusing on their interests and building on their needs. The speech and language progress for the children she has worked with has been phenomenal and their improvement is noticed by everyone.

Moira is extremely professional, and she really cares about the children she works with, she will go above and beyond to attend meetings and produce detailed reports about the children she works with, clearly communicating their needs and next steps.


As a school we have been very lucky to have Moira’s specialised support and we are truly grateful.''


December 2022

My son has been seeing Moira for the last 15 months and what a remarkable improvement his speech has made. Moira is absolutely fantastic and has so much passion for helping him. He loves seeing her and asks every week 'Am I going to see Moira and play games today?' 

Thank you Moira for everything you have done, we truly appreciate it. 

Louise and Matthew


''Moira came highly recommended through our daughter’s school after she was identified as requiring speech therapy.
We found her warm and engaging and our daughter always enjoys her lessons.
We have noticed a considerable improvement in our daughter’s speech since starting with Moira and we would not hesitate to recommend her''



''Moira attends our school to work with children in 1:1 session and as an LSA I have been able to sit in on these sessions.

She is always enthusiastic and makes her sessions fun and exciting for the kids. Moira really gets to know her students and tries to include some of their favourite things into the learning therefore making the children more engaged and willing to try harder.
Not only will you be supplied with resources to continue the work at home or school but where possible, depending on age and ability Moira can link the learning to correspond to literacy or topic work being done in school.

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Moira and I have learnt so much through watching her and I hope to get the opportunity to do so again in the future.''
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