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My name is Moira Taylor, I am a qualified, registered

Independent Speech and Language Therapist based in mid Essex.


I can offer support to pre-school, primary & secondary age children & young adults

who present with Speech & language concerns.


Speech and Language intervention is very successful with children who present with:
speech & language delay/disorder
•  developmental languag
e Disorder DLD
•  speech sound dis
orders/verbal dyspraxia
•  speech & language di
fficulties associated with Cleft lip & palate or associated 
with syndromes.

•  dysfluency/stammering

•  social communication disorders

I have a special interest in developing children’s skills in;

•  attention & listening.
•  understanding la
nguage (receptive language)
•  putting words together to f
orm sentences (expressive language)
•  knowledge & use of vocabulary (pragmatics &
semantics of language)
•  production of speech sounds


What I can provide.
1 to 1 Therapy sessions

I am very fortunate to have a wonderful self-contained private clinical practice in the village of Little Baddow which provides a lovely calming setting for children to enjoy individual face to face therapy sessions. 

•  School visits

I visit many schools which provides a great opportunity to support the children alongside their key workers, providing staff teaching and resources to follow on from the therapy sessions. This holistic way of working provides maximum support for your child.

•  Home visits

I am aware that some children may feel more comfortable in the familiar setting of their own home and so I am very happy to travel.

•  Virtual sessions

Since the pandemic I have delivered many sessions virtually via the Zoom platform. These have been really successful, using on line resources which have really engaged the children.


Please contact me with any queries on 07825 547 246.

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